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Poster is ran solely by me, Mikey (@raftpunk) in San Francisco since 2019.

I draw all the graphics, design, screen print, pack, and ship, all pieces, as well as shoot most of the promo shoots/videos, and run this site. (So please be patient with me lol). Poster is my outlet to execute my ideas in any medium I care for, as well as showcase my art. If you would like to contact me about commission work, collaborations or just to tell me something nice:) you can send me a message request at (@wearposter)

or send me an email


All products are ethically sourced and made in California, unless stated otherwise. I strive for quality with my pieces so they can live long eventful lives. All clothing pieces are screen printed and sent out by me (So please allow up to 30 days for shipping).

All sales are final, exceptions for orders if they are wrong. If you have an issue with your order or any other concerns feel free to fill out the form

and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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