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Favorite Mistake Graphics

Created a collection of graphics for designer George Oliver's brand Favorite Mistake

George Riley "Running In Waves" Project

Made Illustrations for single cover art, merch, and vinyl packaging art for the George Rileys debut album "Running In Waves" under PLZ Make It Ruins.

Half-Evil 5 year anniversary drop

Made a graphic for Half-Evil's 5 year anniversary collection

Half-Evil x Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Graphic for Half-Evil's collaboration with the film franchise Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Jaded London x Poster collaboration

Worked with Jaded London/Jaded man on a collaborative capsule for their site

Lonelystar Denim Design

Graphic used on denim print for LONELYSTAR
Photos shot by COUGHS

September 16, 2022

Noah Guy Merch

Illustrated and screen printed the Noah Guy merch designs

Omar Apollo Merch

Illustration for Omar Apollo's online merch drop

PLZ Make It Ruins Merch

Worked with Vegyn to make a graphic for new PLZ merch on

PLZ Make It Ruins Pop-Up flyer

Made the illustrations for the PLZ Pop-up flyer at WASTE! STORE London. Arrangement by Vegyn

Poster x Vegyn Merch

Exclusice collab piece with Vegyn for their San Francisco show, only available in person

Soul Swans Sculpture

Created my first sculpture from newspaper and joint compound. Stands a little over 4 feet tall and took around 3 months to complete. Based off an illustration I made a few months prior

Sweatcult Merch Drop

Merch Collection for the release of Sweatcult's album ILDACATST

March 18, 2023

Victor Internet Merch

Merch graphics for Victor Internet's "Momentum" tour

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